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Webinar: I'm Gluten Free, Why Don't I Feel Better?

Gluten Free Remedies and The Celiac Diva are hosting a webinar: I’m Gluten Free, Why Don't I Feel Better on Friday, March 13 at 3pm Pacific. Dr. Alex Shikhman, rheumatologist and founder of Gluten Free Remedies, wants to share with you his knowledge on why many people do not feel better even after going gluten free. Lauren Lucille Vasser, gluten free community leader, will be moderating and getting your questions answered!

This is what is working now in the medical community—don’t miss it.

Here’s what you will learn:
7 possible causes as to why you don’t feel better
Practical solutions to improve your health
Foods that are cross reactive with gluten
Which dietary supplements can help

Plus Dr. Shikhman will answer your questions

Friday, March 13
6 pm Eastern
5 pm Central
4 pm Mountain
3 pm Pacific
Questions? Call Gluten Free Remedies 855-TAKE-GFR